About Guardian Cross Hack

You Needn’t Buy Coins Anymore

1) On GUARDIAN CROSS, then start the backgrounder, play in a regular way until you lose all your power.

2) Go to the settings of the iPhone , change the time on the iPhone by maybe two or three hours after, then return to GUARDIAN CROSS, you will see that the power is fully up to the max you may proceed playing without purchasing the potions.

3) If the power isn’t full, try changing the date and the time

4) Before you move to the next level do not forget to reset your time to standard time, otherwise your power won’t increase.

About Guardian Cross Hack

Guardian Cross Hack

Tutorial For Hacking (FP Hack and Duping Stones)

For hacking GUARDIAN CROSS, you will require two programs:


What can you hack?

You can hack for endless stones and points

The required steps are as follows:

1. Launch the GUARDIAN CROSS, then get inside social, go to the redeem point let’s assume you got 300 FP

2. Launch the GAME PLAYER, and then return to GUARDIAN CROSS

3. Purchase an item that has a charge of fifty FP, then the remaining FP is 250, return to the GAME PLAYER.

4. Then write 250, and then press the search button then return to the GUARDIAN CROSS

5. Purchase one more product that charge fifty FP, the remainder FP should be two hundred FP, now return to the GAME PLAYER

6. write two hundred and press the search button once again , then return to GUARDIAN CROSS once again if there has been no effect as if yet.

7. Then purchase fifty FP once again

8. Now right one hundred fifty, it will show a result with either 150 – 150 – 150 or 150 – 150 with a code DW or HDW

9. Press the result and relax for ten seconds, then enter any number of your choice, then press “OK”

10. Return to GUARDIAN CROSS, then buy anything of your choice excluding “BOON OF THE GODS and you’re done.

The same steps can be done for UNLIMITED STONE too, just ensure that there are four to five stones of each type. The highest number of stones is 99, you mustn’t enter more than 99 in GAMEPLAYER OR the GUARDIAN CROSS will stop functioning

Have fun.

Guardian cross hacks Requirements

  • Jailbroken phone
  • Understanding of Cydia apps.

Cydia apps needed

  • Installs
  • Cydia
  • Backgrounder
  • iFile

If you didn’t understand, you can what is written here

  • In iFile, search directory /var/mobile/Applications
  • Get inside Applications then search an application called GUARDIAN CROSS.
  • If you are not able to find the names for the application and if you find only codes, click on the setting button at the lower left hand corner ifile, then click File Manager, and then below “Application Name”, turn it on.
  • Now you will be able to find the app GUARDIAN CROSS. Go inside the app folder, you will find alot folders/file. Click edit, select “iTunesArtwork” and “DoD En.app”, then click the copy button at the lower right of your iFile. Copy/link the both the files you have chosen.
  • Then click done.

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